Keiko: August, 2014

We are now studying the 4th kyu techniques. Try to learn the names of techniques and attacks as this will help when it comes to testing. Once we have covered a technique in class it will be in bold with an asterisk. Try to take note of the points made in class for these techniques.

Tachi Waza

Ikkyo                       Katate dori

Kata dori

Nikkyo                    Katate dori

                                Kata dori

Ai hanmi katate dori

Sankyo                   Ai hanmi katate dori             

Ushiro ryote dori

Kotegaeshi             Katate dori

                                  Ai hanmi katate dori

                                  Shomen uchi

Shiho nage            Yokomen uchi

Irimi nage              Katate dori*

Tenchi nage          Ryote dori*

Uchi kaiten nage   Katate dori

Ude kime nage      Katate dori

                                Ai hanmi katate dori*

                                Yokomen uchi*

Sokomen iriminage               Katate dori*

Suwari Waza

Ikkyo                       Ai hanmi katate dori             

Shomen uchi        

Irimi nage               Ai hanmi  katate dori                                            

                Shomen uchi

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Keiko: 19th June 2014

Gillian and Michael took their 6th kyu tests this evening. Both Aikidoka displayed thier knowledge of basic ukemi and foundation techniques. Congratulations both!!

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