Note that at present classes are running on a reduced schedule since Judith has taken up a position in Liverpool. Friday classes are now taught by Martin Mathieu, 2nd Dan Aikikai who also teaches in the Aiki Dojo Downpatrick.

Aikido Research Federation

Belfast Aikikai Aikido is governed by the British Aikido Board through its affiliation with the Aikido Research Federation. All the instructors are certified BAB Coaches. The dojo and its members are insured through the BAB. Members must pay £15 a year for insurance.  This covers them for training at the Beflast Aikikai dojo and classes or seminars in the UK and Europe. For more information about the British Aikido Board and its provisions please follow the link to the BAB.


morihei-ueshiba-01Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) was history's greatest martial artist. Even as an old man of eighty, he could disarm any foe, down any number of attackers, and pin an opponent with a single finger. Although invincible as a warrior, he was above all a man of peace who detested fighting, war, and any kind of violence. His way was Aikido, which can be translated as "The Art of Peace." Morihei Ueshiba is referred to by the practitioners of Aikido as O Sensei, "The Great Teacher".

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Belfast Aikikai Opening

new-dojo-workThe Belfast Aikikai re-formed in August 2014 and is soon to officially open the doors to its new dojo in April 2014.

The Belfast Aikikai originally started in April 2010 by Judith McSpadden, 1st Dan Aikikai. It was re-formed in August 2013 after Judith spent two years working in Liverpool. Yudansha grading examinations take place under the direction of Jan Nevelius Shihan, 6th Dan from Vanadis Aikido Dojo in Stockholm. Grades are recognised by the Aikikai headquarters in Tokyo. 

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Belfast Aikikai FAQ

This section contains the most common questions that we usually get from newcomers.

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